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What constitutes an "ethical job"?
More and more businesses realise that so many of us are no longer prepared to accept what we're given and will use our choices to boycott organisations that we do not agree with, whether by not giving them our hard-earned cash or by refusing to work with them.

This has prompted a huge growth in the amount of information published by those in "Ethical Business" and "Corporate Social Responsibility" or CSR.

Ironically, with this vast increase of information availability, things have become much more complicated with many business that you may not have thought of as ethical before suddenly touting their credentials as "good guys".  You don't need us to tell you that some of this is just corporate "greenwash" but much of it does actually herald a shift of thinking and a new awareness of  the consequences of their corporate actions.

Ultimately, it's a question of degrees and a personal choice for you the job seeker to make.  We have made our broad choices by allowing the recruitment advertising on this site, but some of you may not agree with our selections and feel that certain jobs do not match up to your criteria.

Make an educated choice and research the employer.  Don't just go with what they say, make your own decision about how well they measure up to what YOU want as an employee.


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