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Estimating the world wide Internet population is, at this point in time, an inexact science, but the following data is the most accurate available. The information displayed below was compiled by Internet World Stats. (Added 25/03/06)

Internet users
Growth 2000-2006
Penetration %


Internet users
Growth 2000-2006
Penetration %

113.8 %
68.1 %

Internet users
Growth 2000-2006
Penetration %

72.4 %
67.9 %


Why advertise with us?

Access to an educated and conscientious workforce
Our registered jobseekers are some of the most socially, environmentally and culturally aware people in today's job market.

Jobs on partner sites
Ethical Jobs has strategic partnerships with several carefully chosen ethical and environmentally friendly websites that post a selection of our jobs regularly.  This way your vacancy could be seen by many thousands of additional visitors at no extra cost. Contact us to find out more.

Speed and convenience
As soon as you place a vacancy, you can start to receive applications immediately.
No need to wait around for print deadlines.

Relevant jobseekers
All job seekers register the areas of work that interest them making it very simple for you to identify the appropriate candidates from our database.

Manage your own User Area
You will have your own User Area where you can manage the vacancies you have posted and  view the applications for each vacancy.

Access to theEthical Jobs resume database
Search through our growing CV database to find suitable candidates.

Competitive pricing
We believe our prices are very fair and give excellent value. 

Strong marketing working for you
During 2006, Ethical Jobs is being promoted in the press, at job fairs, through Student Union radio, on the internet via pay per click and in various other media.

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Employers FAQs

  Who can advertise with us?

If you're reading this, the chances are that you are a responsible employer working in a sustainable way towards the greater good.  If so, go ahead and advertise...

However, if wish to advertise with us and you're not certain whether you are included in what we would find acceptable, your organisation should meet the following minimum criteria.

The only exception to these requirements occurs when you are recruiting staff for roles that work towards compliance with these criteria.

  • You must maintain a responsible position regarding labour rights in your own operations and through your supply chains, particularly in developing countries.
  • You must not discriminate in the workplace on the grounds of sex, race, disability or sexual orientation and should proactively work against any form of discrimination.
  • You must not engage in irresponsible marketing activities (particularly in developing countries).
  • You must not be involved in the manufacture or transfer of arms.
  • You must not be involved in any sort of animal testing of any kind whatsoever.
  • You must not use any kind of intensive farming methods, eg., caged egg production.
  • You must not have any links with the fur trade.
  • Your core activity must not contribute to global climate change by the extraction or production of fossil fuels.
  • Your core activity must not contribute to the unsustainable harvesting of natural resources such as fish or timber.
  • Your core activity must not be the manufacture of chemicals that are persistent in the atmosphere and are linked to long term health concerns.
  • You must recycle as much of your waste as practical circumstances permit and not contribute to unsustainable waste management where reasonable alternatives exist.
  • You must not be involved in tobacco manufacture, promotion or distribution.
  • You must not be involved in large scale currency speculation.
  • You must not be involved in the manufacture of genetically manufactured organisms.
  • Wherever possible you must use electricity from renewable sources or request its provision from your energy supplier.


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