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Employers Frequently asked questions

Employers Frequently Asked Questions

How many people visit Ethical Jobs?

The number is going up all the time, but mid- May sees us getting an average of 450 - 500 visits a day.

Can anyone advertise a vacancy on Ethical Jobs?

As long as you organisation fulfils the guidelines on the employers homepage or the position you are advertising for is for someone to help you to work towards the fulfilment of those guidelines, then yes.

Why do I need to register?

Registering enables you to select an Employer Plan necessary before posting a vacancy.  It also means that background information about your organisation is automatically added to any job description that you advertise without the need for you to include it again and again.

Who sees the contact information in my registration?

The contact information you submit when registering is only used by Ethical Jobs Ltd.  It is not visible to users of the site.

Are there any other benefits in registration other than being able to post a vacancy?

Yes. If you are registered you can view any CVs that registered jobseekers have uploaded.  We can also keep you informed of any improvements, special offers and changes to to Ethical Jobs.

Can I register without posting a vacancy?

You do not need to post a vacancy immediately but if you still haven't done so after a week or so your registration may be deleted.  This is to discourage people from just registering to gain access to the CV database.

How do I know how many people have viewed my vacancy?

Every time someone reads the job description the counter at the bottom of the page changes giving you accurate data about the interest level.

When I try to post a vacancy I just get a blank screen.  What's going on?

Because this website uses a coding language called php to give instructions to the database which sometimes uses quotation marks, if you have them within you job description the vacancy will be misunderstood and will fail to load. If there are no quotation marks and you still have a problem check to see if you have the @ symbol in your text except in an email address as this too can cause errors.  If nether of these factors are present in your text, email or phone us and we will do our best to solve the problem.

Can I edit or delete a vacancy while it is still live?

Once you log in, click the Manage Vacancies option in the dark green menu box at the top left of your screen.  You will then be able to edit or delete your vacancy.

How do I pay?

When you select and employer plan the Ethical Jobs office is automatically notified.  We will then phone you to confirm you order before sending you an invoice.  You can either send us a cheque or make a BACS transfer.

Can I just send you my vacancy details as a Word document?

No. All vacancies need to be uploaded by logging in and using the form provided.  That's how we keep the prices so low!

I have selected the wrong Employer Plan by mistake. What should I do?

Don't worry.  Just go back and select the right one.  We will spot your mistake!  As no invoices are sent out before a confirmation phone call is made you will never be billed for clicking on the wrong button.

What if my job category isn't listed?

We have a wide selection of categories and you are able to select all of those that apply, but if you still feel that we should add another one, please call us and we'll do our best to comply!

Can I advertise my company or website on your home page?

Those button links on the home page are only there at the site editor's discretion and are unpaid.  If you feel you have a strong case please get in touch.

These FAQs haven't answered my question.  What should I do?

Please get in touch, either by email or by phone.

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