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About Us

Ethical Jobs and all associated domains and websites, is owned by IPSP Limited, a private limited company.

Registered Office: Green Hayes, Forest Road, Pyrford, Woking, Surrey GU22 8LU, United Kingdom.   Company Number: 04104664


There is a massive range of opportunity in the ethical jobs market, from solar engineering to sustainable development and care work. Choosing an ethical career does not mean sacrificing a well paid and exciting position in the corporate sector for an underpaid, under appreciated one. It means doing something that serves our practical needs, our personal values and our interests in a way that positively impacts upon the world.

Until now, there has been no easy way for people who use the internet as a primary source of job seeking to find a comprehensive selection of jobs that have an ethical dimension. We aim to provide this by moving away from the industry-specific niche-market business model.

Our Mission

Many people in conventional jobs and following mainstream career paths are getting increasing concerned about what the end result of their work actually is.  Who really benefits?  Who makes most of the money from their labours?  What happens to that money then?  What damage is done on the way, both to people and to the planet?

Our aims are twofold:

  • To provide a broad selection of ethically sound jobs across a wide spectrum of sectors with hope of enticing those in mainstream career paths into more sustainable and conscience-driven employment by demonstrating that their skills and experience can be easily transferred.
  • To accumulate a loyal following of socially, culturally and environmentally aware jobseekers so employers in the green and ethical sectors will be able to rely on our ability to fill their vacancies.

Our environmental impact

We are aware that there is always more we can do but we have taken a start in the following ways

  • Our websites are hosted using green and energy-efficient servers
  • As far as possible we run a paperless office and what little is used, is recycled.
  • We only buy fairtrade tea and coffee!
  • We only commute via the Internet and hold meetings online.

Who can advertise their vacancies on this site or feature in our directory?

To advertise with us an organisation should fulfil the following criteria...

  • They must maintain a responsible position regarding labour rights in their own operations and through their supply chains, particularly in developing countries.
  • They must not discriminate in the workplace on the grounds of sex, race, disability or sexual orientation and should proactively work against any form of discrimination.
  • They must support fairtrade.
  • They must not engage in irresponsible marketing activities in developing countries.
  • They must not be involved in the manufacture or transfer of arms.
  • They must not be involved in any sort of animal testing of any kind whatsoever.
  • They must not use any kind of intensive farming methods, eg., caged egg production.
  • They must have no links with the fur trade.
  • Their core activity must not contribute to global climate change by the extraction or production of fossil fuels.
  • Their core activity must not contribute to the unsustainable harvesting of natural resources such as fish or timber.
  • Their core activity must not be the manufacture of chemicals that are persistent in the atmosphere and are linked to long term health concerns.
  • They must recycle as much of their waste as practical circumstances permit and not contribute to unsustainable waste management where reasonable alternatives exist.
  • They must not be involved in tobacco manufacture, promotion or distribution.
  • They must not be involved in large scale currency speculation.
  • They must not be involved in the manufacture of genetically manufactured organisms.
  • Wherever possible they must use electricity from renewable sources or request its provision from their energy supplier.

The only exception to these requirements is when organisations are recruiting staff in roles that work towards compliance with the above criteria.

Ethical Jobs reserves the right to review and actively monitor practices of organisations recruiting on this site and, if necessary, remove them.

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